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The Protector’s Choice – An Application of Protection Theory to Somali Piracy Shortland A and Varese F (2014)

The article published online in the British Journal of Criminology provides some intriguing fresh insights concerning Somali Maritime Piracy, criminality and legalised trade relationship with local clans and communities.

The research paper asks the question -“What explains the variation in piracy along the coasts of Somalia?” The authors Anja Shortland and Federico Varese answer this question by drawing upon Protection Theory and a new data set of piracy incidents. The literature spans several disciplines and suggests analytical links between the behaviour of states and that of criminal groups.

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Anja Shortland is a Reader in Political Economy and Director of Postgraduate Research in the Department of Political Economy, King’s College London

Federico Varese is an Author and Professor in Criminology at Oxford University

Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies

Al Shabaab Members Killed in Possible Drone Strike 28 October 2013

Two senior Al Shabaab leaders were killed in a possible drone strike on Monday 28 October 2013.

Report by Aljazeera ‘US Drone Strike’ kills senior Al Shabab members in Jilib town in Somalia’s Middle Juba. The Al Shabaab members were travelling in a Suzuki car and included the group’s top explosive expert known as Anta. The comments on the report appear to give approval of the drone strike with a few lone voices questioning the effectiveness of drone strikes.

The BBC report – ‘Somali Al-Shabab commanders killed in strike’  28 October 2013 follows the same theme quoting eye witnesses and a Kenyan military source inferring the presence of Kenya troops having raided the town of Jilib situated 120 kilometres north of Kismayo.


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