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The Kenya Elections Daily Telegraph Thursday 10 August 2017

The Daily Telegraph Kenya Elections 2017 coverage.

There is a mixed reaction to the Kenya Elections 2017 headlines in the international papers. Many in Kenya felt that the headlines focused on a dooms day scenario – post election violence. Violence although a possibility is the last thing Kenyans and their friends want. The reports focused on the hacking allegations of the IEBC IT systems and subsequent protests in Mathare, Kisii and Kisumu. We looked at the hard copy of the Daily Telegraph 10 August 2017.

The centre section front cover of the Daily Telegraph -10 August 2017 – ‘Kenya erupts into violence over election hacking claims.’ With a picture credited to Luis Tato/AFP/Getty Images – ‘Supporters of Kenyan presidential candidate Raila Odinga protest in the slums of Nairobi after he claimed a massive hacking had manipulated election results.’

On page 12 there is a report by Adrian Bloomfield ‘Chaos in Kenya follows vote-hacking claim.’ The article reports that three people were shot dead as Kenya descended into chaos. There are two images 1 A dramatic photo credited to Luis Tato/AFP/Getty Images –  of a green shirted man kicking a burning tyre which has the illusion that his foot has caught fire as well 2 Thomas Mukoya’s photo of anti-riot police standing over a demonstrator.

The Daily Telegraph Commentary – Kenya’s Crunch Time page 15 “Kenya knows well the truth of a disputed election.” Reminds Kenya that the situation looks perilously like 2007. It warns that Kenya President Kenyatta, if confirmed winner, should not wait to act to defuse the “combustible” situation. The last paragraph offers solutions – Kenya should take the options of the peace and prosperity and not to poverty and war. The next government needs to soothe the situation. The commentary puts forward that this can be done by offering cabinet roles to the opposition.  “Wealth cannot be hoarded by the powerful. This is a fork in the road.”

Kenya politicians should heed the words from the commentary.

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