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Kenya Elections 2017 Results IEBC Updates 2017 16.40 GMT

The Kenya Electoral Commission and Boundaries Commission has a link to the Kenya Elections 2017 Results which are coming in from various pollings stations. The links has results for:

Presidential, Senatorial, Gubernatorial, Women Representatives, Member of National Assembly, Member of County Assembly. These results are still being verified by the IEBC and the electoral observers.

Useful Link:

IEBC Results Portal:

Kenya Election Database

Kenya Election Database (Systex Solutions) is the first and so far only Election Data Analysis and Strategic Election Planning software on Kenya General Elections. The Database is a collection of well researched and detailed analysis of all parliamentary elections since 1969, presidential elections since 1992 and by-elections since 1993.
It also has full results of the 2013 General Elections in respect of Presidential, Parliamentary, Senatorial, Gubernatorial and Women Representative. The Database has full results of 3,350 constituency and county elections covering 23,000 candidate results and is the only single source of full General Election results available in the market. The database is the most comprehensive analysis of Kenya General Elections and has been researched by competent professionals. (Source:

The Database has over 700 reports that can be viewed on screen or printed. Each Reports Sub-Menu has list of reports available each having a command button on the left side for pre-viewing and on the right side for printing.

Some command buttons to open or print reports will prompt you to enter the old or new Constituency code e.g. 004 or 277 (Langata) or Election year e.g. 1997 or 2013. Others will require you to enter the Political Party code e.g. ODM, TNA or FORD-K.


Useful link:

Kenya Election Database Website:

Kenya Election Database Online/Mobile Version:  

Notes: A curation of information on the Kenya Elections since 1969. Probably, not the only one to exist, but useful for fact checking information, for example, Political Candidates, Election Results, Constituency and Political Party codes, to name a few. With more people developing content on Kenya Elections the Kenya Election Database is a good portal or start for any researcher, or someone tracing the history of their constituencies (that is home area). In the past there was no continuity in safeguarding credible information – a great headache for academics and students writing their final year projects. We recommend one uses the mobile version as you can check information on the go. However, there is cost in order to sustain the website. If you wish to contribute content to the database please contact Systex Solutions at the above address. [ -studygroup August 2017]


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