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Tom Joseph Mboya Remembered 5 July 2014 – Rest In Peace

Saturday 5th July 2014 marks 45 years to the day when one of Kenya’s leading political lights was assassinated on Government Road, Nairobi 5 July 1969. Tom Mboya’s impact on Kenya and the World is significant. Working with William X. Schienman (American Committee on Africa) they convinced US President JF Kennedy to sponsor an ‘airlift’ of Kenyan students and academics to the US. One of these students was Barack Obama Senior, father to Barack Obama, President of the United States.

The following thoughts were shared by Chris Kavila on the Tom Mboya Foundation Facebook page. They encapsulate the feelings of many Kenyans and those who love the country.

Shared on Tom Mboya Foundation Facebook

“TJ [Tom Mboya], 45 years ago on this day, you were murdered by cowards. Today Kenya is increasingly unstable, grappling with the evil twins you stood against and warned us about. TRIBALISM and CORRUPTION. Where would we be now had you lived? REST in PEACE.

“Had forgotten that on a day like this one at 1pm Saturday July 5th 1969 impunity won and the course of Kenya’s history changed and hurtled in the wrong direction.”


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Joseph B.Treaster wrote an obituary on William X. Schienman in the New York Times July 25 1999 entitled: ‘W.X.Schienman, 72, Broker and Friend of Kenyan Leader.’

William X Schienman died on May 24 1999 and his ashes were interred on Rusinga Island, Lake Victoria, South Nyanza, Kenya next to Tom Mboya’s grave.

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