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The BBC Kenya Election 2017: Raila Odinga says election system hacked 9 August 2017

The BBC Kenya Election 2017 article on the IEBC IT system hacking allegations. by Raila Odinga the presidential candidate for the opposition NASA Coalition.

Mr Odinga States the IEBC Kenya’s Electoral Commission IT systems were manipulated using complex algorithms and the stolen login identity of the murdered IEBC IT manager Chris Msando.

The article puts forward succinctly – Raila Odinga’s complaint and the reaction of the Electoral Commission. It highlights the voting was carried peacefully. One heart-warming moment from the elections, is the birth of Pualine Chemsang’s baby girl called Kura, who was born whilst the mother was queuing to vote.


The BBC Kenya Election 2017: Raila Odinga says election system hacked.  9 August 2017: Study Group Note: Highly recommended – The BBC has a strong history and relationship with Kenya. People found the related links and content of great interest. The Elections in Kenya was one of the top news items on the BBC on the morning of 9 August 2017, but was overshadowed by an incident involving a car hitting french soldiers in Paris, France which dominated the day’s headline news.

IT Election System Hacking

Kenyans have a deep love for technology. The concept of having an electronic bio-metric system was welcomed. Hacking fears that electoral system could and would be manipulated  increased when people heard of the sad death of Chris Msando – The IEBC IT Manager.

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