Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Your guide to Elections in Kenya and a global education resource. Our aims:

1.To be a global development education resource;

2. To act as a impartial Portal and Integrated Marketing communications platform for the Kenya Elections;

3. Building democracy by educating people about the importance of democracy and a “Government elected by the people for the people” using Kenya as a case study;

4. To be a link between Kenya and international groups, for example, the Kenya Media and related industries, by supporting the work of journalists and associated stakeholders;

5. A forum to encourage people in the global village and civil society to be involved in the electoral process and not to loose faith;

6. To draw attention to the issues, opportunities and threats facing Kenya and the impact the Elections may have on people’s living in Kenya and other parts of the world;

7. Draw people’s attention and awareness to the eclectic views held by various parties and stakeholders in the electoral process;

8. Draw attention to the political parties and individuals whether they are participating in the Kenya Elections or not;

9. Draw attention to the role of the international communities. Their views and influence on developing countries;

10. Provide people with links to various political parties, systems and schools of thought;

11. Explore sustainable solutions to development. What lessons are we learning?

12. To assist governments to communicate effectively with their citizens.KenyaElections.com is a guide to Elections in Kenya and a global education resource.

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