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President Uhuru Kenyatta Inauguration 28 November 2017

Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya was inaugurated for his second term as President of Kenya on 28 November 2017, ending three and half months of uncertainty.

The President vowed to bring inclusivity. Below are a selection of reports you may find useful for your research or to reflect in future years what happened on this day.

BBC Kenya Elections: Kenyatta vows to overcome divisions 28 November 2017 The report is broken down into “What did Kenyatta say exactly?” Key themes inclusivity and suggestion of reaching out to the opposition. “How did the inauguration unfold?” – Images of the crowd at Kasarani Stadium, which was packed to capacity. Unfortunately, a stampede occurred outside. Promised big screens did not materialise. “Which leader foreign attended?” – Mention of attendance by neighbouring leaders with Israeli Prime Minister meeting Kenyatta later in the day. “Why was the Elections Re-Run?” provides background to the Kenya Presidential re-run with the sad statistics that around fifty Kenyans had lost their lives since the August 2017 general elections. 2017. BBC Anne Soy’s report “Burning Tyres” is a report on clashes on between the Kenyan police and opposition supporters in the Donholm suburb of Nairobi. It records the feelings of the opposition supporters. The report concludes with “How are the opposition responding?” It quotes opposition leader Raila Odinga addressing supporters on a road (as route to the Jacaranda ground prayer rally was blocked by the Kenyan police). Raila states that he would be sworn in as President on 12 Decemnber 2017 (Kenya’s Independence Day).

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Lauren Said – Moorhouse, Farai Sevenzo and Hilary Clarke Updated 30 November 2017 CNN Kenyan President Sworn in After Controversial Election Rerun

Report on the inauguration of President Kenyatta of Kenya for a second term.The video clip interviews by CNN Centre International anchor Robyn Curnow are a must watch – “Ruto disputes low Kenya voter turnout figures,” is an interview with Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto who questions the low voter turnout. “Kenya Opposition Leader Calls the Elections a Sham: Kenya Opposition Leader Speaks to CNN.” Robyn Curnow puts forward many questions concerning of what happens next and whether the presidential election boycott was a political miscalculation by the opposition. The interview took place on the 27th of October 2017. Raila states the opposition would follow the route of peaceful resistant. “Odinga says he will abide by the constitution,” and Opposition leader Raila Odinga who rejects the election outright stating he would abide by the constitution and seeking advice from the coalition and experts within his team about a clear road map.

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VOA News

VOA News Uhuru Kenyatta Inaugurated as Kenya’s President 28 November 2017

“After two elections, several Supreme Court petitions, frequent protests and many other twists and turns, Uhuru Kenyatta finally was sworn in Tuesday for a second term as president of Kenya.” It highlights a Luo voter who could not vote during the presidential election re-run, due to the opposition boycott, but attended the inauguration to show his support for President Kenyatta. The report highlights Kenyatta’s vision for Kenya, Universal Health Care; Affordable Housing and Attracting Investment, what raised eyebrows, but a delight to citizens of other African countries is the promise of a visa eligibility on arrival and East Africans having almost the same privileges as Kenya citizens. The report highlights demonstrations in Nairobi and opposition concerns of police killings.

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