Monday, April 22, 2019

Fergle Keane Kenya poll: A key moment for African democracy BBC Africa

Fergal Keane’s article “Kenya Poll: A key moment for African democracy,” on the Kenya Presidential 2017 elections re-run and its implications for Kenya and Africa. Fergal Keane has reported on African for many years. He was the brave reporter who interviewed (waylaid) the then Kenya President Arap Moi as he left a meeting in the 1990s (much to the chagrin of Moi’s security detail). He reported on others who were calling for a “second revolution” as Kenya fought to establish a multi-party state. Kenya was a one-party state de jure for most of 70s to 1992.

Useful sources and urls:
Fergal Keane is Africa Editor BBC News,writer.
Kenya Poll: A key moment for African democracy BBC Africa 25 October 2017 url:
Fergle Keane @@fergalkeane47 –

Studygroup notes:
If you love Africa – we recommend you read his books and other missives. Some hilarious some shockingly sad.

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