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The Independent Electoral and Boundaries (IEBC) Press Update 3: 8 August 2017

The IEBC Press Release Press Update 3 – Voting Period Ends with Minimal Hitches.EBC Press Update (Source: IEBC).


Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is our third update of the day since polls opened today at 6 a.m. As part of the ongoing press briefings below is a quick appraisal of the today’s developments:

Turn out

  • As mentioned in our earlier update, we had a few polling stations that experienced delay in opening time due to adverse weather conditions. The most affected polling stations were in Turkana North, Wajir South, Turkana Central, Loima and Turkana West. As at this afternoon, voting had commenced in the affected polling stations apart from two in Turkana West. The two polling stations, Natamakarwo waterpoint with 149 registered voters, Lotipiki with 66 registered voters were affected after the vehicle transporting election materials were stuck in a swamp. The materials have been airlifted to the aforementioned polling centres. Voting will commence shortly.
  • We wish to assure you all that for the polling stations that opened late, we will compensate the time by extending the voting period by the same amount of hours that were lost before opening.
  • For the polling stations that opened at 6am, polling has closed. However, a voter who was on the queue by 5pm will still be allowed to vote.

We have been encouraged by the large turnout witnessed countrywide. The Commission would like to thank each and every voter (including the first time voters) that woke up early, showed up at their respective polling station and elected their preferred leaders in the Republic of Kenya Election Technology,


Ladies and Gentlemen,


  • This is the first time Kenya has successfully deployed the Kenya Integrated Election Management System (what we now call KIEMS kit) nationally, a key milestone in facilitating an efficient voter registration, candidate registration, voter verification and transmission of results.
  • The new system has been able to integrate the existing biometric voter registration, biometric voter identification, electronic results transmission, political party and candidate registration system.
  • Despite a few technical hitches in its usage in some parts of the country, we successfully managed to adopt a new innovative way of voter identification and transmission of results. This is a watershed moment in the history of election management in the Republic of Kenya – for that, I would like to say a special thank you to each and every Kenyan for putting the confidence in us to deliver a credible election.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

  • We have now concluded phase 1 of the election exercise, which entailed Kenyans turning up in large numbers to exercise their democratic and civic right. We now enter the most critical moment in the election cycle – tallying of votes for all the six elective positions – President, Woman Member of National Assembly, Governor, Senator, Member of Parliament, and Member of County Assembly.
  • As at this evening, we have a number of polling stations where tallying has commenced in the presence of candidates and political party agents, election observers and media
  • During this critical phase, we urge all Kenyans to exercise restraint as we await official results from the polling stations and indeed as they start tricking in
  • The Commission has put in place a live public portal –


we encourage members of public to start tracking the results. The portal is dynamic and will refresh as results stream in.

  • The first result from Narok Prison polling station streamed in at 7 minutes after the close of polls (05:07pm).


  • We thank all Kenyans for cooperating with our officers on the ground and for not making their work difficult.
  • Finally, ladies and gentlemen, as we begin yet another critical step of vote tallying, I would like to urge you to be patient and calm as the results start streaming in this evening and early tomorrow. We will be sharing with you regular updates throughout the course of the night and tomorrow. End

Source: IEBC Press Update 3 August 2017


Note: Study Group.  There appears to be initial positive feedback regarding the voters’ experience of the voting process. However, a review of some of the comments on the IEBC Facebook page indicates, some frustrations with some voter’s details missing.  There have been evidence of voting suppression individuals trying to buy Kenyan Identity cards. You cannot vote with an identity card.  Kenyan voters used their mobile devices to record these activities. Look out for reports from the candidates and electoral observers from around the world. The candidates in the Kenya Elections have recourse to file petition to the Kenya Courts if results are disputed. In the case of the Presidential Elections the deadline is 22 August 2017. End




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