Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Stephen Kariuki MP Elect Mathare By Elections 11 August 2014

Stephen Kariuki of the Orange Democractic Movement (ODM) and a Masters in International Relations graduate of the University of Tennesee. USA is the provisional winner of the Mathare By Elections in Nairobi County held on 11 August 2014.  He defeated the former member of parliament George Wanjohi of  TNA (The National Alliance). Stephen Kariuki represents a new generation of young and articulate members of parliament in Kenya. He believes in “Transformative Leadership, ”  and a “Just equitable and progressive society.”  The Orange Democractic Movement  (ODM) has learnt from its experiences of March 2013. During the 2013 Kenya General Elections ODM fielded candidates of parties affiliated to the coalition in the same constituencies. This split the votes and a TNA victory. Stephen Kariuki is not the first person  in his family to become a Kenyan MP. His mother Bishop Margaret Wanjiru was an MP for Starehe  in Nariobi County.

Stephen Kariuki’s Mathare consituency has one of the biggest slums in Kenya. Challenges are plenty. Poverty, crime and lack of resources that should be available to all citizens of Kenya. If  Stephen Kariuki delivers what his constituents’s wants and needs – he could upset the status quo in Kenya. Appealing to people of different ethnic and social groups, expecially the young, who will have a greater say in the Kenya 2017 Elections. Mathare is changing, but will it change with Stephen Kariuki?


What is in a name? Stephen Kariuki is also known as Steven Kariuki. Steven Kariuki is the name frequently used by the IEBC. if researching Hon S Kariuki use both forms of forenames.

Orange Democractic Party (ODM) is part of the Coalition of Reforms and Democracy (CORD).

The National Alliance (TNA) is part of the Jubilee Alliance – Kenya’s ruling coalition.

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