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Justice For Liz – Please support the petition and campaign 31 October 2013

There is  worldwide shock and horror concerning the rape of a Kenyan 16 year old known as Liz, in Busia, Western Kenya. Her mistreatment, threats towards her family  and barriers placed in her pursuit of Justice has brought shame to Kenya, The Kenya Police and the Judicial system. Over 1.3 million people have signed a petition calling for the immediate justice for Liz and to send a strong message to police everywhere that rape is not a misdemeanour. Please support the Justice For Liz Petition initiated by Nabila Abdulmelik in Kenya.

We should thank Avaaz the crowd sourcing community petition for supporting this campaign, and the million of people around the world who are fighting against injustice.


Justice For Liz – Petition

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Global Terrorism – Suicide Bombers Target Tunisia 30 October 2013

Article by Richard Spencer of the Daily Telegraph 30 October 2013  “Suicide Bomber Strikes at Tunisia tourist resort.”     Suicide bombers attempted to attack a resort in Sousse, Tunisia and in the area of the Tomb of Tunisia’s post-independence leader Habib Bourgiba.


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Richard Spencer on Twitter:@richardspencer

Al Shabaab Members Killed in Possible Drone Strike 28 October 2013

Two senior Al Shabaab leaders were killed in a possible drone strike on Monday 28 October 2013.

Report by Aljazeera ‘US Drone Strike’ kills senior Al Shabab members in Jilib town in Somalia’s Middle Juba. The Al Shabaab members were travelling in a Suzuki car and included the group’s top explosive expert known as Anta. The comments on the report appear to give approval of the drone strike with a few lone voices questioning the effectiveness of drone strikes.

The BBC report – ‘Somali Al-Shabab commanders killed in strike’  28 October 2013 follows the same theme quoting eye witnesses and a Kenyan military source inferring the presence of Kenya troops having raided the town of Jilib situated 120 kilometres north of Kismayo.


Westgate Mall General Karangi KDF Looting Denial

Report by the BBC 22nd October 2013 ‘Kenya’s General Karangi Rebuffs Army Looting Claims’ Kenya Army’s General Karangi refuted the allegations in a closed door session of Kenya’s joint committee on National Security and Defence in Nairobi. There is an earlier story

Kenya Mall: ‘It’s Horrific for me’ says looted shop owner 27 September 2013. The article is an interview of a Westgate shop owner who found her shop had been looted by persons unknown.

The Kenya Defence Force (KDF) is one of the most respected institution in Kenya. The video clips were greeted with shock by Kenyans.

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