Monday, April 22, 2019

Westgate Mall Nairobi, Kenya – Al Shabaab’s Futile Ambitions 22 September 2013

The Westgate Nairobi Tragedy continues to be covered on most global news networks.

The number of deaths according to the Red Cross is put at 68. This number is most likely to rise. Al Shabaab’s attempt to destroy the spirit of Kenyans and their friends has backfired. The country has reached out to each other, and now many people of all races and creeds know that Al Shabaab’s mantra does not represent Islam. If they think they do, it is a warped form of religion, their false narrative contradicting each statement they make.

They say Somalia is being invaded by Kenya. How Kenyans kills women and children. Yet when you look at the images of their ‘haraam’ you will see a Kenyan man of Somali descent rescuing a white child, a mother and her baby and others – They say Kenyans are enemy of Islam but there is a lady in a Islamic dress and a black man helping an injured Chinese lady. At the mortuary an Asian couple embrace and comfort a black lady, the lady could be Christian, the Asian couple – Muslim, Hindu or Bahai. Whoever you are thank you. Real heroes.

Al Shabaab also did not do their homework – 21 September 2013 was World Peace Day. Islam is a religion of Peace. In Kenya life is not perfect. But people do the best to improve their lives. Seeking democracy can be frustrating. But it is the best way for people to take control of their destiny.

It is easy to kill, to destroy families and lives. This you have done. One cannot imagine the pain you have caused – but you will never destroy the spirit of ordinary people. You will never rule the world.  If you ever grow old. You will look back and say all this was vanity.

Kenya Elections Study Group 22 September 2013


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