Monday, April 22, 2019

East Africans Remember US Embassy Bombings 7th August 2013

East Africans Remember US Embassy Bombings 15th Anniversary.

Nairobi County – 7th August 2013 – Kenyan roses were laid at the Nairobi Memorial to the victims of the US Embassy bombings on 7th August 1998, locally known as ‘Bomb Blast.’ On that day strangers became friends, friends became brothers and sisters, regardless of race, tribe, colour or creed.

The pain is still there. The scars have not disappeared. The forgotten victims of a global war. A war they had no involvement in – the collateral damage.

Yet if you do meet any of those touched by the awful events of the morning of the 7th August 1998, you would be amazed by their inner strength and fortitude. We must not forget them.

William Ang’awa

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