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Martin Luther King 50th Anniversary I Have A Dream Speech 28 August 2013

28 August 2013 Martin Luther King – Let Freedom Ring

August 28th, 2013 will mark the 50th Anniversary of MARCH ON WASHINGTON & Dr. King’s “I HAVE A DREAM” speech.

Thousands of people around the world celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington and the speech “I Have a Dream” speech.

BBC Radio 4 has an excellent resource with different people reciting the “I Have A Dream” Speech. “Martin Luther King: I Have A Dream Revisited.”


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Athletics Weekly – Kenyans Most Tested Athletes

The IAAF World Championships 10 August to 18 August 2013 in Moscow,  Russia. An article in the UK based Athletics Weekly 1 August 2013 ‘No Hiding Place In Moscow’ P31 highlights the IAAF will repeat a comprehensive blood -testing from the last World Championships (Daegu, South Korea) in Moscow. There is a table of Top 10 IAAF -tested nations of which Kenya leads the list with 348 tests (14.7% of total tests). A reason for this is the ‘perceived poor record of testing its own athletes.’


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IAAF Moscow World Championships

Fire at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) 4.30 am 7 August 2013

Fire at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) 4.30 am 7 August  2013 Nairobi County

The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport was closed when a fire suspected to have started in the immigration offices – International Arrivals section around 4.30 am East African time caused extensive damage and disruption to the travel plans for thousands of travellers visiting and transiting through Kenya. Fortunately, at this moment in time no casualties have been reported, but two people were taken to hospital after succumbing to smoke inhalation. The impact of this fire is yet to be seen. The Nairobi Fire Brigade and other security agencies do carry out routine ‘disaster’ simulations and training. Some of these are at times so realistic, some people thought today’s fire was an exercise, until the fire took hold. Kenya Airways Share Price It is reported that the Share Price for Kenya’s National Carrier Kenya Airways fell by 2%. Disaster Management People have had mixed experience at JKIA but the ‘first responders slow reaction’ and resulting no plan ‘B’ has raised a lot of eyebrows. Kenya was caught with its pants down. Traffic jams caused delay for the emergency services who had difficulty finding a clear route to the airport. This meant some of the fire tenders could not get to JKIA within an opportune time. There is a fire fighting unit based at the Embakasi (old airport) section. But the fire tenders here are geared to fight possible plane crashes. This is going to be an interesting Health and Safety and ISO quality assurance case study.

East Africans Remember US Embassy Bombings 7th August 2013

East Africans Remember US Embassy Bombings 15th Anniversary.

Nairobi County – 7th August 2013 – Kenyan roses were laid at the Nairobi Memorial to the victims of the US Embassy bombings on 7th August 1998, locally known as ‘Bomb Blast.’ On that day strangers became friends, friends became brothers and sisters, regardless of race, tribe, colour or creed.

The pain is still there. The scars have not disappeared. The forgotten victims of a global war. A war they had no involvement in – the collateral damage.

Yet if you do meet any of those touched by the awful events of the morning of the 7th August 1998, you would be amazed by their inner strength and fortitude. We must not forget them.

William Ang’awa

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