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US President Obama Africa Trip June – July 2013

US President Obama’s trip to Africa is discussed in Al Jazeera’s Question and Answer interview with Jendayi  Frazier former  US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, “ Is Africa Finally On Obama’s Agenda?” 26 June 2013

 This is a good and balanced article. It also re=affirms  the continued importance of Kenya and US relations “ …US-Kenya people-to-people ties are significant” despite President Obama not visiting Kenya.

Ms Jendayi Frazer is now an adjunct Fellow Senior Fellow at the US Council on Foreign Relations.

Other articles by Al Jazeera on US President Obama’s visit to Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania are:

Obama in S Africa as Mandela ‘Improves’ – 29 June 2013

Obama for ‘new model’ for Africa development – 1 July 2013

Obama heading for Tanzania on  last leg of tour 1 July 2013

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Al Jazeera – http://www/

Council on Foreign Relations

Council of Foreign Relations Africa (Sub – Africa)

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