Monday, June 17, 2019

Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard Loses Austrialia Labor Party Leadership to Kevin Rudd

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard (Australia’s first woman Prime Minister) has lost an Australian Labor Part leadership ballot by 57 votes to 45 to former Australian Prime Minster Kevin Rudd.

Her tenure was punctuated with personal attacks, one sadly being her gender. She was constantly pilloried the Australian media.  This issue was discussed on BBC Newsnight 26 June 2013 – hosted by  Jeremy Paxman with Paolo Totaro  (Journalist)  and Jason Grove – President of Australian Liberals Abroad.

It is yet to be seen whether Mrs Gillard’s departure may have a negative impact on how an attractive career path politics will be for Australian women.

“Australian (Political) Party discourse is embarrassing “  Paola Totaro.

 An interesting statistics is that there are more women sitting in the Australian Parliament than in

Ms Totaro and Mr Grove all agreed that the “knitting a toy kangaroo  for the soon to arrive Royal baby “ PR shoot was not a good idea.   

I wonder if we will see another Australian Women Prime Minister.?  Who ever she is she will have to be really thick skinned.

Mrs Gilliard intends to retire from politics.


Useful Links and notes:

Kevin Rudd ousts Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard BBC News 26 June 2013

 Jeremy Paxman

Paolo Totaro – Australian Journalist, Vice-President of Foreign Press Association

Jason Grove is the President of the Australian Liberals Abroad.

The Australian Federal Elections will be held on 14 September 2013

Australia Labor Party (ALP)

Julia Gillard Retirement Press Conference 26 June 2013

Julia Gillard announces her retirement from politics at the next election and reflects on her time as Prime Minister.

Voters refuse to buy into Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s knitting photo shoot for Australian Women’s Weekly Daily Telegraph 25 June 2013

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