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Kevin Rudd Sworn In As Australian Prime Minister 27 June 2013

Kevin Rudd was sworn in as Australia’s Prime Minister for the second time on the 27 June 2013, – Government House, Canberra. The Governor – General  of the Commonwealth of Australia Ms Quentin Bryce issued the Instrument of Appointment and Oath of Office  to the newly appointed Prime Minister and wished him all the best in serving Australia as Prime Minister.

Kevin Rudd Prime Minister of Australia Statement 27 June 2013

The Australian Prime Minister  Kevin Rudd subsequently gave a statement to the media on resuming  the task as Prime Minister with “… humility, with honour and with an important sense of energy and purpose.”  Despite the bitter battles with former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Prime Minister Rudd, praised Australia’s first woman Prime minister , acknowledging her for  “… her formidable attributes. Australia’s Fair Work Act, testing of literacy and numeracy performance and being and being a remarkable reformer.”

Message to Young Australians

The Australian Prime Minister, acknowledged and appealed to young Australians who are disaffected or  see Australian politics as a “ … national turn of”   or decreasing their involvement,  if any,  with the political process, to come back, engage and listen afresh.

“…Before I conclude, let me say a word or two to young Australians. It’s clear that many of you, in fact far too many of you, have looked at our political system and the parliament in recent years and not liked or respected much of what you have seen.” Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia.

Kevin Rudd and Africa – William Ang’awa

It is too early to predict the impact on Africa – Kevin Rudd’s has 100 days as Prime Minister before the Australian Elections (around September 2013).  Africa needs to be looking at the agenda of the Australian Liberal and National parties. At the moment political polls predict the Australian Labor Party will lose. Could they turn things round. Australian focus is obviously China – but China’s demand for Australian resources may be slowing down. Immigration could be an issue – but mainly concerning influx of South East Asians. Kevin Rudd’s government would want to see and push for good governance, transparent democractic rights and justice in Africa. Australia would not want to veer far from the thinking of  Western democracies. Australia is home to many people with roots in Africa, for example, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Somalia. What is good is that many of them, feel that they are Australians. He should not forget their votes. It is good to see that he wants the young Australians to engage and bring fresh ideas to politics. This could be a message to lot of young people around the world, who are currently, disillusioned with the political discourse. Australia’s importance goes beyond sports and tourism. Many people will be watching  Prime Minister Rudd with great interest.


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Kevin Rudd Prime Minister of Australia Statement 27 June 2013

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Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard Loses Austrialia Labor Party Leadership to Kevin Rudd

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard (Australia’s first woman Prime Minister) has lost an Australian Labor Part leadership ballot by 57 votes to 45 to former Australian Prime Minster Kevin Rudd.

Her tenure was punctuated with personal attacks, one sadly being her gender. She was constantly pilloried the Australian media.  This issue was discussed on BBC Newsnight 26 June 2013 – hosted by  Jeremy Paxman with Paolo Totaro  (Journalist)  and Jason Grove – President of Australian Liberals Abroad.

It is yet to be seen whether Mrs Gillard’s departure may have a negative impact on how an attractive career path politics will be for Australian women.

“Australian (Political) Party discourse is embarrassing “  Paola Totaro.

 An interesting statistics is that there are more women sitting in the Australian Parliament than in

Ms Totaro and Mr Grove all agreed that the “knitting a toy kangaroo  for the soon to arrive Royal baby “ PR shoot was not a good idea.   

I wonder if we will see another Australian Women Prime Minister.?  Who ever she is she will have to be really thick skinned.

Mrs Gilliard intends to retire from politics.


Useful Links and notes:

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Paolo Totaro – Australian Journalist, Vice-President of Foreign Press Association

Jason Grove is the President of the Australian Liberals Abroad.

The Australian Federal Elections will be held on 14 September 2013

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Julia Gillard Retirement Press Conference 26 June 2013

Julia Gillard announces her retirement from politics at the next election and reflects on her time as Prime Minister.

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President Barack Obama Decision Could Cost Kenya a Fortune. Standard Digital 23 June 2013

 The Opinion feature in Nairobi’s Standard Digital 23 June 2013 highlights the concern of Kenyans who fear the decades of nurturing a close relationship with the US will be lost as foreign direct investment, tourists, international agencies and political capital will focus on Tanzania as the regional hub of activity.

 Useful Link:

President Barack Obama Decision Could Cost Kenya a Fortune. Standard Digital 23 June 2013

Obama to Skip Kenya Over Uhuru Ruto ICC Cases – Standard Digital, Nariobi 23 June 2013

This article by Jacob Ngetich (Nairobi, 23 June 2013) reports on the reasons why US President Obama will not be visiting Kenya on his impending trip to Africa in June 2013. President Obama will visit Kenya’s neighbour Tanzania, South Africa and Senegal.  US Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes (via a conference call) explained why “it was not just the best time for the President to travel to Kenya at this time…” with the issues concerning Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta’s and Vice –President’ William Ruto’ s impending cases with the International Criminal Court (ICC) based in the Hague, Netherlands.

Mr Ngetich is of the view that the Obama Administration has “downgraded Kenya’s place in the region by singling out Tanzania as America’s key ally in the region.”

The article also states that despite President Obama’s personal and family connections (with Kenya) the “US had a commitment to accountability and justice as a baseline principle.”


Notes and Useful Links:

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President Uhuru Kenyatta’s case is expected to commence on 12 November 2013.

Vice President William Ruto’s case is expected to commence on 10 September 2013.


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