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Kenyans Wait For Supreme Court Kenya Elections Rulings 30 March 2013

Kenya Supreme Court Ruling Kenya Elections 30 March 2013

The people of Kenya  are waiting for the ruling of Kenya’s Supreme Court. The ruling is seen as a major test for the Supreme Court which was set up by the implementation of Kenya’s new constitution.  Raila Odinga and other civil society groups have challenged the results of the recently held Kenya Elections.

Kenya’s Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has “tweeted” that the ruling will be given by 5 pm (East Africa). The Registrar of the Judiciary’s Chief Registrar Ms Gladys  Shollei confirmed this and stated that the “media will be warned an hour before…”

“COMPATRIOTS. The Supreme Court will deliver its decision NOT LATER than 5pm today InshALLAH…”

Source: (accessed 30 March 2013)

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