Saturday, April 20, 2019

IEBC Kenya – Statement on Initial Voting Hitches 4 March 2013 9.30 am

This statement was released by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission on 4 March 2013.  Voting started at 6am on the 4 March 2013. There were problems “voting hitches” in a few polling stations due the polling stations opening late or malfunctioning of the electronic voter identification devices (poll books). Other problems identified were: Mix-up of candidates’ names, pictures and party symbols in five county assembly wards.

There are: Nyabasi West, Goke Haraka (Kuria East), Bunyala South, Gwasi North, and Samburu North

The elections for these wards have been postponed until 11 March 2013.

The Statement includes re-assurance from the IEBC Chairman Ahmed Issack Hassan “…that the time lost due to late opening of polling stations will be compensated. … the electronic devices are needed to enhance the integrity of the process, hard copy of the registers were available at all polling centres. ….  election officials to ensure that the entire process is foolproof. He further encouraged political party and candidate agents to be vigilant and observant at the polling and vote counting stages.”  Source: IEBC Kenya 4 March 2013



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