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Kenya Elections – Local Government Bodies Replaced by County Governments

Did you know that under Kenya’s new constitution, local government bodies will be replaced by county governments?  The Kenya Elections on 4th March 2013 will include the election of  1, 450  County assembly Wards.

Curious Wananchi


If your research interest is local government in Africa? you should take note of this. The role of  local government is crucial for any functioning democracy. The name may change, but the ideals and goals do not.

www.kenyaelections.com Study Group.


Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (Kenya)

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission of Kenya   (IEBC) is the key organisation that is mandated to manage  elections in Kenya. If you  want to do a site search on iebc on this website you will find background details, IEBC personel and roles.

For those researching or interested in social media – IEBC also has a facebook and twitter site.  

It is the offical source of information regarding  the results of  the  2013 Kenya Elections  on the 4th of March. 


Kenya Elections 4 March 2013

The Kenya Elections on 4th March 2013 will be first under Kenya’s New Constitution. There will be six groups of candidates who will offer themselves to govern Kenya.


City of Nairobi

The Kenyan electorate will cast their votes to elect:

1 President

2 Senators

3 Governors

4 Members of Parliament (MPs)

5 County Women Representatives

6 County Assembly Representatives.

Since 1963 when Kenya became independent from Great Britain, the country has held elections every 5 years and is one of the few African countries that has not been governed by the military.


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