Monday, June 17, 2019

Kenya Referendum On New Constitution 4 August

Kenyans go to the polls to endorse or reject a new constitution.

Turn out is expected to be high. (4 August 2010 is a national holiday in Kenya.
Quick guide to Kenya’s Referendum 2010
The introduction of a new constitution is part of what is called as Agenda 4 following the mediation between the parties after Kenya’s 2007 Post- Election violence where over 1500 people died and over 300000 were dispaced (lost their homes or were forced to move out by other ethnic groups.

The are two camps of voters:
The Greens – also known as the “Yes” vote. This group is endorsed by Kenya’s President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga. They want Kenyans to accept the proposed
The Reds – also known as the “No” vote. This group consists of mainly Christian groups who are opposed to certain key issues in the draft constitution. Key Kenyan personalities in the Red camp are Philip Ruto ( Higher Education Minister) and former Kenya President Daniel Arap Moi. The group want Kenyans to reject the draft constitution until the key issues are ironed out.
What key issues are the Reds opposed too?
The Reds have given a red card to clauses on:
Kadhi (Islamic Courts)
Land Reforms

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