Monday, June 17, 2019

Vince Cable – The “Ex- Kenyan Treasury Finance” Star of the UK Coalition?

(William Ang’awa 13th May 2010) – The appointment of Vince Cable as the Business Secretary in the UK’s Conservative and Liberal Democratic Coalition marks a great achievement for a humble gentleman who once served as Treasury Finance Officer in the embryonic “miracle” years (1966 -1968) of independent Kenya.

He is seen as a safe pair of hands and hopefully will be a compassionate voice for the developing world within the new Government in the UK. He was described as a “Star” by the new UK Prime Minister David Cameron, MP on 13th May 2010 (during the Prime Minister’s first tour of Whitehall). How comfortable is he being a member of a Conservative and Liberal Democrats Coalition? Time will tell? Vince Cable is the temperature gauge of the new politics in the United Kingdom. We should monitor him.

Useful Information:

Vince Cable Profile – Liberal Democratic Official Website

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