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Time Up: Ocampo closing on post-polls chaos suspects

Article by Peter Opiyo (The Standard) 30 April 2010 updated 1st May 2010. “Time Up: Ocampo closing on post-polls chaos suspects.” Peter Opiyo draws attention to the arrival in Nairobi, Kenya of the ICC (International Court of Justice) Prosecutor – Louis Moreno – Ocampo on 8th May 2010 and states “The political and business of prime suspects of
(the Kenya) 2007 post-elections violence could be over in six months.”

The article outlines the legal process that Prosecutor Moreno – Ocampo will follow and his determination to use Kenya as an example to stamp out impunity. (This determination was conveyed in an interview Mr Moreno – Ocampo held with Capital Radio in Nairobi).

There are 20 key individuals who will be asked to present themselves voluntary to the Hague or face arrest.
The application of Justice is seen as key to peaceful elections in Kenya in 2012.

Why ICC success in Kenya will be much easier despite stumbling blocks in Sudan? The article tackles the issue why Prosecutor Moreno-Ocampo sees the case as “simple” and with no problem bringing the 20 key individuals in Kenya to justice, whilst in neighbouring Sudan President Omar Bashir continues to go about his business being President scot free!

Useful Information:

The Standard Group – based in Nairobi is one of the leading media house in Kenya and Africa. Publisher of Kenya tabloid –
The Standard.

The International Court Of Justice (ICC)– Based in The Hague, Netherlands is the judicial arm of the United Nations. Louise Moreno-Ocampo is one of the key prosecutor’s for the ICC.

Capital FM – Based in Nairobi, Kenya. It is one of Nairobi’s leading radio stations. “Cosmopolitan and cool in outlook.”
The radio’s website had interesting articles and the comments sections are a useful guide to what people in Nairobi are thinking.

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