Monday, April 22, 2019

Death of Polish President Lech Karzynski – 10 April 2010

Polish President Lech Karzynski , his wife Poland’s First Lady Mrs Maria Kacyznska and key Polish dignitaries were killed in air crash on approach to Smolensk airport in the Smolensk Region of the Russian Federation – 10th April 2010.
President Lech Karzynski and other Polish dignitaries were on the way to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacres. This was the incident where Soviet troops killed thousands of Poles in 1940. The occasion would have been a great opportunity for healing and reconciliation between the two nations – Poland and Russia.

We at send our deepest sympathy to the people of Poland and prayers at this moment of great loss.

Useful links:

The Official Website of the President of The Republic Of Poland,118,may-they-rest-in-peace-.html [quick link to the announcement of Smolensk air disaster] [accessed 10 April 2010]

First Lady – Mrs Maria Kacyznska – Biography of Mrs Maria Kacynska [accessed 10 April 2010].

About Poland– Information about the Republic of Poland on the President of Poland website.

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