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Belgian Lower Parliament Vote To Ban Islamic Dress – The Burka

April 29th 2010 – Belgian Parliamentarians in the Belgian Lower House of Parliament have began the process to ban the wearing of the Islamic Dress – The Burka in public places.

The proposed law will now proceed to the Belgian Senate and will become law in the summer of 2010.

Useful information:

Belgian’s Government Portal with information on Belgian’s Federal political system.


UK Key Party Leaders Final Debate 29 April 2010

UK Party leaders Gordon Brown (Labour), David Cameron (Conservatives) and Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats) held their final debate before the UK Elections on May 6th 2010.

Held at the University of Birmingham, this was the third and final debate. The debates have attracted great interest not only with local UK citizens but also with the international communities who reside in the United Kingdom. Immigration is a key issue and their is fear that many families will face an uncertain future after May 6th 2010.

To follow the UK Elections



United Kingdom – First Election Debate 15 April 2010

Debate between the leaders of the UK’s key parties Labour leader Prime Minister Gordon Brown MP, Conservative leader David Cameron and Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg MP in front of a studio audience.

Sudan Multi-Party Elections 11th April 2010

Sudan holds Presidential, legislative and subnational (state) multi-party elections.

The main opposition parties are boycotting the elections and are asking for reforms including a
request for the elections to be pushed back to May 2010.

The New Sudan Vision
(NSV) – article dated 7 April 2010 “Umma Party joins SPLM (Sudan People’s Liberation Movement) in final boycott of presidential election.”

Key parties
boycotting the Election include: The Umma Party and the SPLM who will boycott the Presidential
Elections and seats in the north of the country.

Insecurity – according to New Sudan Voice in the same article. The European Union will pull out all its observers from the Darfur Region . It also quotes the Carter Centre requesting the current Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir to apologise for his threats to all election monitors and observers or else it will pull out of Sudan.

Southern Sudan – is due to hold a referendum on
January 9th 2011.

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