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Presidential Elections Vanuatu 1 September 2009

The Pacific island of Vanuatu Presidential Elections 2009
Background information Vanuatu Elections Profile on IFES’s Election Guide

Presidential Elections Gabon 30 August 2009

Gabon the oil rich West African country holds Presidential Elections 2009.
This election was postponed from July 2009.
Background information Gabon Elections Profile on IFES’s Election Guide

Legislative Elections In Japan – 30 August

Japan goes to the polls to elect representatives for 480 seats in the House of Representatives also known as The Shugin.
Japan’s assembly consists of the House of Councillors the Sangiin with 242 seats and the House of Representatives the Shugin with 480 seats.
Background information on Japan IFES’s Election Guide

Afghanistan Presidential Elections 20 August 2009

The citizens of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan go to the polls – Afghanistan Presidential Elections on 20 August 2009.

This is the second Presidential Elections in the war torn country. The previous Presidential Elections was held on October 9TH 2004 and won by Hamid Karzai who is seeking a second 5 year mandate. The parliamentary elections will be held in 2010.

The IFES country profile on the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan provides a good background to Elections in Afghanistan.

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