Monday, June 17, 2019

Fiona Cunningham Reid’s Kenya Murder Mystery

A documentary of the trial of Tom Cholmondeley (the son of Kenya’s Lord Delamere) facing the death penalty for allegedly killing Robert Njoya

an undercover Kenya Wildlife Service officer who was with poachers on the Delamere’s 56, 000 acre Roysambu Estate in the Kenya Rift Valley.

Fiona Cunningham – Reid who has a similar Kenyan upbringing as Tom Cholmondeley ponders whether through this trial Kenya’s unresolved issues of identity, land and colonialism will be tackled. “The real question though is not about the past but will Kenya be ready to move forward or be stranded on the cross roads? Fiona Cunningham – Reid. .
The documentary will be of interest for those researching or learning about the life and tribulations of the Delamere family, Law and Kenya‘s Judiciary System, crime, race, poverty, land and the class system, colonialism and politics in post independent Kenya.
Shown as part of the UK Channel More 4 True Stories series on 19th May 2009.

A Baobab Kenya Production for the History Channel and More 4.

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