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The Commission of Inquiry into the Post Election Violence (CIPEV) – The Waki Report 2008

The Waki Report – The mandate of the Commission of Inquiry into post –election violence (CIPEV) was to investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding the violence, the conduct of state security agencies in their handling of it, and to make recommendations concerning these and other matters.

The Commission of Inquiry into the Post Election Violence (CIPEV) began on 23 rd May 2007 with an announcement published in the Kenya Gazette Notice No.4473

The report is known in the media and by Kenyan citizens as The Waki Report – after the Chairperson of the Commission.

The members of the Commission as appointed were its Chair, Mr Justice Philip Waki, a judge of Kenya’s Court of Appeal and two Commissioners, Mr Gavin McFadyen (New Zealand) and Pascal Kambale (Democratic Republic of Congo). Two Kenyans, Mr David Majanja and Mr George Kegoro, were appointed the Counsel Assisting the Commission and Commission Secretary.

Commission work was funded by the Government of Kenya (GOK) and the multi donor Trust Fund for National Dialogue and Reconciliation, managed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The Commission took an oath of office before the Chief Justice on 3rd June 2008 and held its first press conference the same day.

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