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Kenyans Hold Mock US Elections – KBC

Reports from the KBC in Kisumu – Residents held a mock US Presidential elections. John McCain did get a vote!

Kenya Declares Holiday To Salute Obama

Kenya has declared Thursday, 6 November 2008 as a public holiday to celebrate the
victory of US President elect Barack Obama. Celebrations are reported through out the country.

Kenya’s reaction to US Presidential Elections The Nation – The Standard – The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation

Obama ‘Is Elected President’ BBC News

Democractic Senator Barack Obama is elected the first black president of the United States, according to projected results.

A Dream Comes True – Victory For Obama

Barack Hussein Obama made history by winning the US Presidential Elections 2008. “Let there be no reason now for Americans not to cherish the citizenship of their country.” John McCain in his concession speech, Phoenix, Arizona.

Karen Allen BBC carried a
report on the celebrations in Kagelo in Siaya District where Mama Sarah Hussein Obama lives.

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