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Ross Kemp – A Kenya Special Investigation On Mungiki Sky1 and Sky1 HD – 9 pm 22 September 2008

In this 90 minute special titled Ross Kemp – A Kenya Special

Ross Kemp and his BAFTA winning documentary team travel to Kenya to investigate the Mungiki, an outfit labelled as the most dangerous ‘gang’ in Africa.

This documentary will be shown only on Sky1 and Sky2 HD in the UK on 22 September 2008 at 9 PM. The documentary will be of interest if you are researching post election 2007 Kenya, political violence, organised crime and human rights in Africa.

Useful links: – Ross Kemp A Kenya Special (accessed 17 September 2008)

Footnote and key words: Post 2007 Elections Political Violence In Kenya, Mungiki, Urban Poverty, Film Documentary Kenya, Gang Warfare, Kikuyu nationalism, Organised Crime, African Religion and politics.

Mungiki are a group modelling themselves on the Mau Mau and whose roots can be traced to the ethnic clashes in Kenya’s Rift Valley. This documentary may have political implications when copies of the DVD are viewed in Kenya.

Ross Kemp is the popular UK actor many have seen on Eastenders (one of the UK’s most popular soaps). His series on Gangs: Ross Kemp on Gangs has won a BAFTA award.


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