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Zimbabwe Presidential Elections Run – Off

President Robert Mugabe Zanu – PF involved in the controversial Presidential Run-Off in Zimbabwe despite a global clamour questioning the integrity of the Presidential Elections.

Global Democracy – Ireland Votes No To The Lisbon Treaty

The citizens of the Republic of Ireland have voted ‘No’ to The Lisbon Treaty by 53.4% to 46.6%.
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BBC – Ireland Rejects EU Reforms Treaty 13 June 2008

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Conor O’Clery – Ireland Snubs The EU – Guest Voice: Post Global On – a conversation on global issues. 13 June 2008


Kenya Budget Speech 2008 – The Nation 13 June 2008

An article by Wachira Kang’aru ‘Budget On Stability’ The Nation 13 June 2008 is a reveiw of Kenya Finance Minister Amos Kimunya’s Budget 2008 speech which extended a ‘hand to the poor’ as he removed import taxes on rice and wheat.
There are PDFs links to the Budget Speech of the 3 East African nations, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania plus The Government of Kenya 2030 Vision Report.
Critiques and commentaries of the Kenya Budget 2008 in the Nation:
The Nation Editorial – Sealing Tax Loopholes for MPs Inspired. 13 June 2008 – ‘Mr Kimunya delivered a budget geared towards social stability, with an emphasis on job creation especially in rural areas, providing opportunities for youth, redressing regional imbalances, and cushioning the poor and vulnerable against wild increases in the prices of basic foodstuff.’


Death Of

Kenya’s Road Minister Hon Kipkalya Kones MP Bomet (ODM), Assistant minister in the Office of the Vice- President Hon Lorna Laboso MP Sotik (ODM), pilot Schnerr Christopher and Constable Kenneth Bett were killed in air crash on the afternoon of 11th June 2008.

The members of parliament were flying to Chepkembe Airstrip at James Finlays Tea Estate, Kericho. Their plane a Cessna 210E plane crashed in the forested Kojong’a area of Nairegi-Enkare, Narok District.

We pray and express our sympathies to the families of Hon Kones, Hon Laboso, Pilot Schnerr, Constable Bett and the constituents of Sotik and Bomet at this moment of great loss.

William Ang’awa and Kenya Elections Study Group

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