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‘What Kenyans fear over the Kibaki-Raila accord’ – The Nation 12th April 2008

Jeff Otieno’s What Kenyans fear over the Kibaki-Raila accord’ An overwhelming majority of Kenyans support the power-sharing deal between President Kibaki and Prime Minister-designate Raila Odinga.
However, they do not believe the partnership will last. This is the view of
2,011 Kenyans interviewed between March 28th 2008 and April 7th 2008 by the Steadman Group. The report findings were presented by its political analyst Tom Wolf. One key finding is that Kenyans would not want another Presidential election ‘anytime soon’. It makes interesting reading. Mike Mwaniki and Sam Kiplagat report on ‘ ODM Climbs Down On Key Posts’ based on a press conference with Mr Salim Lone – ODM Director of Communications, refuting claims that the ODM were standing in the way of a new cabinet. The article has a photo image of Mr Salim Lone by Phoebe Okall. In its Editorial Comment: Lean Cabinet of 24 best for KenyaThe Nation 12th April 2008 . The article will interest academic researchers on the size of cabinet ministries in Kenya and Africa in general. The Nation editorial points out that the first Post – Independent cabinet had 16 ministries and with the merger of key Kenya post independence political parties – KANU and KADU this only increased by three to nineteen (when Kenya became a Republic). It proposes that twenty four would be the ‘best fit’ for Kenya.
The 24 ministries would give each side 12 slots, including those of the deputy prime ministers and any ministers that might be attached to the Office of the President or the Office of Prime Minister. The figure of 24 was settled on after a close look at cabinets since independence established this number as the ideal maximum.

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