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Tension Builds Up In Kenya – 10th March 2008

Tension is building up in Kenya as Kenyans await the announcement of a ‘power sharing’ cabinet. The two political faction Mwai Kibaki’s PNU and Raila Odinga’s ODM have failed to agree on the composition of a new cabinet as agreed through the National Accord and Reconciliation Act 2008 and mediation by former UN secretary – general Kofi Annan.

The Standard in Nairobi 10th April 2008 has some key articles of interest. ‘Tension builds Up As Kenya Awaits Cabinet’ by the Standard team, reports on the security deployment in Nairobi slums and other key post election flash points, and the international pressure on the political groups in Kenya. Reports by Standard reporters Ben Agina, Patrick Wachira, Cyrus Ombati, Renson Buluma, Allan Kisia, Steve Mkawale, Jane Akinyi, Mangoa Mosota, Ngumbao Kithi, Peter Atsiaya and Vincent Bartoo 10th April 2008. David Ohito’s report ‘US Warns of Action If Accord Fails’ describes the international pressure to form a coalition government without delay. Further background to the political impasse could be found in the Standard’s team article ‘Share Key Portfolios, World Leaders Tell Kibaki’ with comments from UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband, US Secretary Of State Condeleeza Rice, EU Head of Delegation Mr Eric Van Der Linden and the British High Commissioner to Kenya, Adam Wood. End

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