Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Revealed Serious Flaw of 2007 Poll – The Nation 11th April 2008

Eric Shimoli’s article in the Nation, Nairobi 11th April 2008 – ‘Revealed Serious Flaw of 2007 Poll’. European Union election observers have criticised the Electoral Commission for failing ‘to meet international standards of transparency in key areas of its mandate’’ during the 2007 General Election’.

The Electoral Commission of Kenya failed to manage the poll in accordance with international standards and transparency, ‘faulty tallying of Presidential votes, making it difficult for it to be determined conclusively who won’. The Nation also carries a related report by Bernard Namunane – The Nation 11th April 2008, Serious defects in tallying of presidential votes cited’. This report notes the EU report on the specific inconsistencies, including, the inflation of results on both sides , PNU and ODM Presidential candidates – ‘The EU observers submitted that the presidential results were announced without the necessary documentation that could have brought to the open the wide-ranging alteration of results’. Jeff Otieno reports on ‘Poll: Most Kenyans back Kibaki-Raila deal.’ This is an opinion poll by the Steadman Market Research Group in Nairobi. ‘According to the poll conducted by the Steadman Group, 75 per cent of Kenyans support the National Reconciliation Accord which was signed on February 28 by the two leaders and witnessed by Mr Annan and Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete’. End

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