Saturday, April 20, 2019

Kibaki names new 40 member cabinet

The long wait is over. President Mwai Kibaki names a new 40 member cabinet in Kenya, Patrick Wachira ‘Kibaki names new cabinet’. These are the intial articles in The Standard in Nairobi.

Kenya now has a coalition government with what analyst say is a bloated 40 member cabinet. Kibaki’s Party of National Unity retained the key ministerial posts Amos Kareithi ‘PNU retains plum posts’, but opinion leaders, believe that Kenya and the world were tired of the impasse. Susan Anyangu ‘A record women ministers’ looks at the significant increase of women appointed to ministerial posts. The full list of Kenya’s new cabinet is can be found in The Standard’s article Kibaki names new 40 member cabinet. There are some good photos of the occasion/announcement in the Standard but these are uncredited. End

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