Saturday, April 20, 2019

Kenya’s Grand Cabinet Takes Office – The Nation 17th April 2008

Churchill Otieno ‘Grand Cabinet Takes Office’ reports on the swearing in of Kenya’s Grand Cabinet on Thursday 17th April 2008.

Samwel Kumba and Oliver Mathenge ‘Five Ministers Without Offices’ report on the recently appointed Ministers’ attempts to squeeze into the limited government office and space in Nairobi. On a more serious note, Muchemi Wachira New department to address ethnicity’ writes on the new department which has been formed under the Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs. The department will tackle the issue Kenyans call ‘negative ethnicity’. Quoting President Kibaki at a prize giving event in Nairobi “This problem is undoubtedly a major contributor to the violence that engulfed our country in the recent past.” David Opiyo writes ‘Justice Johann Kriegler ‘on’ Wednesday asked Kenyans to present facts and not rumours before the commission set up to investigate last year’s poll’ in his article Kriegler asks Kenyans for facts’. End

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