Saturday, April 20, 2019

Kenya’s Churches Want Fresh Elections

Report by Gitonga Marete and Antony Kitimo – The Nation 10th April 2008 ‘Kenya’s Churches Want Fresh Elections’.‘The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) today asked President Kibaki to dissolve Parliament and call a fresh General Election’. “We lament that despite the faith and responsibility placed on political leaders by the people who elected them, they have deceived the citizens and denied this country real peace.”
Other articles of interest are Bernard Namunane’s Why Kibaki-Raila Cabinet deal stalled’.Firm demands on ministerial positions, different interpretations of the National Accord, the lacuna in the agreement and the fate of internal refugees are to blame for the failure by President Kibaki and Prime Minister-designate Raila Odinga to give the country a new Cabinet’. Bernard Namunane, The Nation 10th April 2008. If you are wondering what the word ‘Lacuna’ means – according to the The Cambridge English Dictionary – ‘A small depression; a blank space; gap; hiatus. Odhiambo Orlale’s ‘EU Advice to Kibaki and Raila’.- The Nation 10th April 2008. This is a report on the advice the EU delegation led by Mr Eric Van Linden has given to the Kenya’s Vice- President Kalonzo Musyoka. ‘A high-powered European Union delegation Wednesday told Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka to ask President Kibaki and Prime Minister-designate Raila Odinga to ignore pressure from allies and pick a grand coalition Cabinet freely’. Mr Van Linden is quoted as saying – ‘The EU would only accept a genuine power-sharing Cabinet that would inspire confidence in Kenyans’. End

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