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Cabinet Has No Option But To Work In Unity – The Nation 16th April 2008

The Nation in Nairobi has several articles of great interest. The Commentary ‘Cabinet Has No Option But To Work In Unity’ points out the recently announced ‘Grand Coalition’ cabinet is a ‘re-grouping of the original NARC ‘ the Rainbow Coalition that defeated Kanu (the party that ruled Kenya since independence) in 2002

The commentary warns that genuine power sharing should take place or the coalition will crumble and ‘we will not have to endure a divided government, but face a real risk of violence and instability’.

Ngovi Kitau Managing Director of Bruce Trucks and Equipment asks in another commentary which could make a good seminar discussion, if you understand it. ‘Kenya Economy Is On A Sick Bed; Where is the Cure?, “the delay in appointing the Cabinet has left the economy bleeding and many Kenyans suffering”. Mr Kitau calls for a public debate “so that Kenyans can take ownership of coalition building”. The article ‘Speaker To Rule On Opposition Leader’, by the Nation Team is an account of the confusion to the seating arrangements within Kenya’s Parliament due to the fact that all the parties except one were parties in the Government. Deputy Speaker Mr Farah Maalim said: “There is no Official Opposition Party in this House with the exception of (Lugari MP Cyrus) Jirongo’s party, all parties are in Government”. In a separate article Caroline Wafula and Benjamin Muinde ‘Play Opposition Role, MPs Urged’ is a quote from the new Immigration and Registration of Persons Minister Otieno Kajwang’ – Backbenchers have been asked to keep the new Cabinet on its toes to ensure that the grand coalition Government performs its duties efficiently.Otieno Kajwang who made an interesting comment – He has promised to introduce the concept of dual citizenship.

David Opiyo’s article Kreigler team to name those who deter review’ reveals the Kreigler Commission set to investigate issues pertaining to The Kenya Elections 2007 will name and shame anyone who frustrates its work.

Mike Mwaniki reports on the welcome news by women lobby groups in Kenya concerning the increased number of women in the ‘Grand Coalition’ Cabinet. ‘More Women In Cabinet Welcomed’. (Note: The gender composition of the recently elected Spanish Government is of interest in Andy McSmith’s article in UK’s The Independent 16th April 2008). The Nation carries Kenyan’s concern regarding the activities of Mungiki. In two articles ‘Railway Services suspended’ and ‘House Demands Report Of Mungiki Terror’. End

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