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Annan Returns To Celebrate Deal – The Standard 16th April 2008

Edith Fortunate reports on Kofi Annans return to Kenya‘Annan Returns To Celebrate Deal’

Other relevant articles ‘Speaker To Rule On Official Opposition’ includes the attempt by Kenyan backbench MPs to stall the day to day business in Parliament – “With the major parties, ODM, PNU and ODM-Kenya in Government, the other smaller parties cannot form the Opposition unless they coalesce”. Ayub Savula, David Ohito And Patrick Wachira’s article ‘Revealed Untold Secrets Of Kibaki and Raila Talks’ is an insight into the behind the scene negotiations which took place at Sagana Lodge, Kenya between President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga, and the tricky balancing act that led to the formation of Kenya’s Grand Coalition Government. ‘Mungiki Outwitted Us, Govt Admits’ is based on comments by Kenya’s Internal Security Permanent Secretary, Mr Cyrus Gituai admitting the Mungiki wrong footed the governments intelligence forces. End

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