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A Time For Healing – The Nation 18th April 2008

The Nation has numerous relevant articles. Bernard Namunane’s ‘A Time To Heal’ is the account of the swearing ceremony of the grand coalition cabinet in Nairobi, Kenya 18th April 2008.

President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga Thursday pledged to work together to heal and re-unite the country’.The Nation’s Editorial ‘A New Cabinet Is Just The Beginning’. warns ‘There will be a great temptation right now to think that our national problems have been solved and we can all go back to business as usual’.

Lucy Oriang continues on s similar theme in her reflective article ‘We have a government, but who is the Sheriff’ around here?’ She starts the article “With the swearing in ceremony out of the way, it is time for soul-searching’.

Paul Redfern, the Nation’s correspondent in London focuses on the cost of funding the ‘grand coalition government’ and ‘no punches pulled’ concerns in the UK media– Bloated Cabinet may block efforts to get donor funds’.

If you are following the ‘seating arrangements’ in Kenya’s parliament then the article – ‘House To Run Without Official Opposition’.will be of interest. The article states that ‘Parliament will operate without an official Opposition until MPs amend the rules and the Constitution’.

If you are a member of the civil society then the following article provides a useful update to the situation of democracy and disabled people in the developing countries such as Kenya. “Poverty, exclusion from decision making forums and general inequality in society are some of the key issues that affect disabled people more than any other group in society” writes Caroline Wafula The disabled pitch their case over continued relegation’ highlighting the sad situation in Kenya where no person with disability was nominated nor elected to the 10th Kenya Parliament.

Finally, If you are not a Mugabe sympathiser then you will love the Nation’s political cartoon by GADO The Nation 18th April 2008 End.

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