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State Opening Of Kenya Parliament – The Standard March 7th 2008

State Opening of the10th Kenya Parliament 6 March 2008. The Standard (Nairobi) 7 March 2008 reports on the State opening of Kenya’s 10th Parliament ushering a new but unknown era after the post Kenya elections violence and crisis.
Alex Ndegwa’s article ‘Crisis a turning point for Kenya’ quotes President Mwai Kibaki in his speech (Face Future With Courage) to the parliament in Nairobi, calling it a new ‘dawn’. The article which will be useful for students of Kenya’s or African political history highlights the end of the ‘frosty’ relationship and the new spirit of bonhomie by the warring political parties in Kenya.
Images/Pictures/Photos – By George Mulala 7 March 2007 The Standard – John Michuki (Minister of Roads and Public Works) with Oburu Odinga ODM MP Bondo. During interparties meeting at Old Parliament Chambers 6th March 2008.
Martin Mutua The Standard 7 March 2008 –US Back Pacts With Shs 1.6 Billion reports on the US Government backing and funding of the Kenya power sharing deal to the tune of $25 million (approximately Kenya Shillings 1.6 Billion). The article includes quotes by US Ambassador Mr Michael Ranneberger. It also states that the US Government had resumed the official programmes it had stopped.

New Dawn As MP Convenes – The Standard 7 March 2008. Report by the Standard team provides an insight into how the 10th Kenya Parliament may work. There are obvious challenges. The report could be an excellent case study or tutorial. How will the Kenyan parliament transact its business with no ‘actual’ official opposition, amendments that need to be worked, and who sits where? Interesting quote from the German Ambassador – Mr Walter Lindner who compares the coalition as that in Germany, where the backbenchers will act as the Opposition. The report was by Martin Mutua, Alex Ndegwa, Patrick Wachira, Alex Ndegwa, David Ohito, Murigi Macharia, Abiya Ocholla, Lucianne Limo and Edith Forutnate.

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