Monday, June 17, 2019

BBC World Service Interview Archive with John Githongo

Corruption in Kenya – BBC’s Owen Bennett- Jones interviews former Kenyan permanent secretary in the Office of the President and anti- corruption czar/campaigner John Githongo. Broadcast 1 March 2008 – BBC World Service Interview Archive

You can listen or down load the podcast of the interview which lasts approximately 27 minutes, through the BBC World Service website or Key words: BBC, Kenya, Kenya Anti-corruption Commission, Conspicuous corruption, Conspicuous consumption. Obsession with zeros, Anglo –leasing corruption scandal, Corruption in Africa. This was probably the first interview after the Post Kenya Elections agreement mediated by Kofi Annan in February 2008. ‘Abuse of public office for private gain was quite normal…’ John Githongo BBC World Service March 2008. You can access other BBC interviews with John Githongo by searching the BBC portal.

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