Monday, June 17, 2019

Tom Mshindi On Kenya’s Middle Class Failures – Saturday Nation 2 February 2008

Tom Mshindi one of Kenya’s leading journalists writes a commentary in the Saturday Nation 2 February 2008 – The Middle Class Has Failed To Steer Kenya Out of Crisis, which laments the failure of Kenya’s middle class response to Kenya’s post election political crisis.

Hope that Kenya’s middle class would read this. “Kenya is crying out for its sons and daughters from all tribes that have been liberated – even if only partially – from the shackles of tribe through an education and lifestyle that reduces tribe to merely the identity tag that it is, not an asset that creates exclusive clubs not even of tribes, but of looting elites within the larger tribes.” Tom Mshindi, Saturday Nation, 2 February 2008. Note: You can email Tom Mshindi re: feed back regarding the commentary.

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