Saturday, April 20, 2019

The Standard 7 February

The Standard 7 January 2008 – Kenya Under Pressure To Meet Agreement reports on the political mediation talks in Nairobi led by Kofi Annan, Raila Odinga indicating his side willing to cede ground in Abiya Ochola’s article – ODM may back down, says Raila.

and the blunt warning from the United States Congress Congressional Sub-Committee on Africa and Global Health, under the chairmanship of United States Congressman Donald M.Payne. “If the warring parties are not ready to compromise to stop the country from sliding into tribal anarchy, then the international community should move in to help,” Jibril Adnan reports on the banning of ten Kenyan MPs from both ODM and PNU who have been banned from travelling to the United States of America. This is also mirrored in a report – Canada to cancel politicians’ visas by a Standard reporter. End

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