Saturday, April 20, 2019

The Standard 5 February 2008

The Standard 5 February 2008 – has a number of interesting articles. One involving assault charges against Kenya’s First Lady probably beggars belief, the ongoing political mediation process, interview with the US Ambassador to Kenya, the possible travel ban on key Kenyan politicians and their families, the warning of that the UN may relocate its Nairobi Headquarters from Nairobi (should the political impasse continue) and updates on the tragic post election humanitarian situation.
Imanyara Accuses the First Lady of Assault – This article by Ben Agina – The Standard 5 February 2008 may beggar belief. “Kenyan Imenti Central MP accuses the First Lady Lucy Kibaki of assaulting him at State House” (The Official Presidential residence) in Nairobi. The First Lady Mrs Kibaki has countered sued Mr Imanyara.
The Standard’s Alex Ndegwa’s interview with Kenya’s US Ambassador Michael Ranneberger
Ranneberger Explains US Stance On Crisis – gives food for thought,
and views from the US
on the situation. The key article which takes a lot to digest is by the Standard Team – US, Canada Ban Threat as Talks Register Gains. End

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