Monday, June 17, 2019

The Nation 5 February 2008

The Nation in Nairobi 5 February 2008 – has updates to the continuing political mediation process led By Kofi Annan and the rejection of
Cyril Ramphosa as a mediator by Kibaki’s Party of National Unity (PNU),
The Kenya Government lifting the ban on live TV broadcasts, and Tuesday 6th February 2008 meeting of Kenya’s top CEOs to offer solutions to Kenya’s political problem.

The key articles are – Annan Team Agree On Steps To End Poll Violence – by Odhiambo Orlale and Lucas Barasa,
and PNU Rejects Ramphosa as Negotiator – also by Odhiambi Orlale and Lucas Barasa. The Nation also has a commentary on the concept of Kenya as a Nation by Francis Gaitho – Will Kenya Continue to Exist As A Modern State? A sad decline of Nakuru even before the post election violence – Michael Njuguna’s Town Sitting On Time Bomb After Burning Fire Engine.

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