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Rift in the Valley – Financial Times February 22nd 2008

Rift in the Valley – Kenya Crisis Highlights Kenya Ethnic Divisions –
The Financial Times February 22nd 2008 page 11 UK edition. Full page analysis on Kenya. ‘Riven Valley’ by William Wallis and ‘Army Chiefs weigh the risks of leaving the barracks’ an article by William Wallis and Matthew Green.
The first article looks at how the ‘economic dislocation is exacerbating ethnic resentment amid signs that a power –sharing deal will not be enough to end the violence’. The second article assesses Kenya’s military dilemma of keeping a low profile and its armed forces reputation for professionalism insulating Kenya from wars across the borders in a continent that has seen 81 military coups and 125 failed attempts apart for six hours in 1982. End

Note: Highly recommended.

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