Monday, June 17, 2019

Death of ODM MP David Kimutai Too – 31 January 2008

We regret to report the death of Hon David Kimutai Too – ODM Member of Parliament in Eldoret. The late Hon David Kimutai Too was the MP for Ainamoi constituency and is the second ODM member of Parliament to die as a result of shooting since the post elections troubles began in Kenya.

His death has been reported in the local and international media. The Standard in Nairobi – 31 January 2008 ODM Shock As Second MP Is Shot by Vincent Bartoo and David Ohito. The Nation in Nairobi reported the death in the article Another MP Shot Dead – The Nation 31 January 2008. The BBC News reported the death in the UK and on their international new media platforms – Tension After Kenyan MP Shot Dead – 31 January 2008 18.18 GMT End

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