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Kenya Power Sharing Deal – The Standard February 29th 2008

The Standard in Nairobi reports on Kenya’s National Dialogue and Reconciliation Process and the power sharing agreement chaired by Kofi Annan on February 28th 2008.

Patrick Wachira’s two article’s on the reaction regarding the news of Kenya’s power sharing deal ‘Joy as Kibaki, Raila sign power sharing deal’ and ‘Kibaki’s pledges to unite and reconcile Kenyans.’ Alex Ndegwa’s ‘I see the light at the end of the tunnel, says Raila’ is an interview with Raila Odinga .’spoke about light at the end of the tunnel as a ray of hope shone across the country with the signing of the peace accord.’ The other articles in the Standard record the celebratory mood in various parts of Kenya. Martin Mutua and Alex Ndegwa’s article ‘Annan steers rivals to end crisis looks at Kofi Annan’s role in the mediation. It carries the comments from foreign leaders, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown and US State Department spokesman Tom Casey.

Rift in the Valley – Financial Times February 22nd 2008

Rift in the Valley – Kenya Crisis Highlights Kenya Ethnic Divisions –
The Financial Times February 22nd 2008 page 11 UK edition. Full page analysis on Kenya. ‘Riven Valley’ by William Wallis and ‘Army Chiefs weigh the risks of leaving the barracks’ an article by William Wallis and Matthew Green.
The first article looks at how the ‘economic dislocation is exacerbating ethnic resentment amid signs that a power –sharing deal will not be enough to end the violence’. The second article assesses Kenya’s military dilemma of keeping a low profile and its armed forces reputation for professionalism insulating Kenya from wars across the borders in a continent that has seen 81 military coups and 125 failed attempts apart for six hours in 1982. End

Note: Highly recommended.

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Financial Times February 18/19th 2008

Financial Times main stories on the Kenya post election crisis covered the visit of US Secretary of State Ms Condoleezza Rice in an article by Matthew Green ‘Rice Warns Kenya On US Relations’ FT February 19th 2008 and the Editorial comment Tuesday February 19th 2008 calls on Kenya’s middle class and business interests must themselves speak out more.

US Secretary of State Ms Condoleezza Rice in an article by Matthew Green ‘Rice Warns Kenya On US Relations’ FT February 19th 2008, quotes her as saying ‘unless the post election crisis was not solved soon, relations with the US would be badly affected’.
The FT also carried an Editorial Comment on February 19th 2008 – ‘Kenya Breathes Out’. A lull in violence has brought some hope. The article adds that “Kenya’s middle class and business interests must speak out”. However, the Editorial Comment warns that even though there has been progress in negotiations extremists on all sides are poised to shed fresh blood.
Other articles which may be of interest are – headline in News Briefing on the front page and page 19 of the Financial Times hard copy version Tuesday February 19th 2008 ‘Tea Prices to rise due to Kenya troubles.’ The article on page 19 by Javier Blas will be useful in analysing the economic impact of the post election crisis. A more detailed analysis can be found under the Markets & Investing section – news analysis by Chris Flood and Javier Blas – Supplier instability helps push soft commodities to fresh highs Financial Times Tuesday February 19th 2008 page 38 – ‘civil unrest in Kenya, the world’s biggest exporter of black tea, has also led to tighter market conditions, according to UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation’.
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Tanzania – Tanzanian President Dissolves Cabinet

President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania has dissolved his cabinet and appointed a new Prime Minister Mizengo Kayanga Pinda to replace Mr Edward Lowassa who resigned on thursday due to an energy project corruption scandal – 8 February 2008.

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