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World Leaders Pile Pressure As Kenyans Pray – The Standard 7 January 2008

The Standard carried articles about how world leaders were plying pressure to ‘chart a path’ out of the crisis. The Standard, Nairobi 7 January 2008

There is also an interesting article by David Ohito, ‘Mazrui’s proposal over poll dispute, ‘
The Standard, Nairobi, 7 January 2008
based on an interview with Professor Ali Mazrui (one of East Africa’s most respected academic), who puts forward solutions
– one being
fresh presidential poll supervised by international organisations or power sharing to resolve the leadership stalemate. The article looks also at the possibility of Kenya having an office of the prime minister with a current president – a model used in France.

More worrying is the article by Philip Mwakio, ‘Coast Hotel Bookings Fall,’ The Standard, Nairobi, 7 January 2008 concerning 200 Swedish tourists cutting short their 2 week holiday after travel advisory from the Swedish Government. The article also has an interview with Kenya Association of Hotel Keepers Coast Branch, Chairman, Mr Mohammed Hersi – who says bookings as at 6th January were down to 50% from 85% and this was during the peak tourist period. Note: Tourism is one of Kenya’s main source of Foreign exchange and employment, especially at the Coast. End

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